Weekend Warrior Hot Wax

Weekend Warrior Hot Wax

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  • Clean Base
  • Hot Wax Base Treatment (all temp)
  • Ski's or Snowboard

We are committed to making sure you have the most fun possible the next time you  are on snow.  When you get your equipment back from us your base will be shiny, fast and ready for an epic weekend in the mountains.  Our goal is glide and this servicing will keep you moving thru the flat spots.


*Upon checkout you will receive a confirmation email.  In the email you will respond with pickup location and one of our staff members will retrieve your equipment.  We are currently servicing the greater Orange County, CA and Salt Lake City, UT areas.  If you prefer to drop off your equipment please do so at one of our certified locations on the list below:

Stewart Surfboards - San Clemente, CA